maandag 18 oktober 2010

TPACK according to... my students!

During the last couple of days my students from the Master program Curriculum Instruction and Media Applications (CIMA) have been writing about TPACK. And... they surprised me (positively)! I already noticed in their previous posts on their blogs that they are taking blogging very seriously and that they don't "just say something", but they are really reflecting ont he topics that we discuss during the lectures. They are not only repeating theory, they are also adding own information, experiences, links to other websites and some of them make their own pictures to support their ideas with visuals. This is also true about their ideas on TPACK. Most of them like the TPACK model and the ideas behind it, but they also recognize that TPACK is not something that a teacher automatically incorporates in his or her regular teaching activities. I can really recommend reading the blogs! You can find them on the right side of this blog.. Enjoy!

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